Featured image of article: Summer Academy Offers Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing

The ConVal Summer Academy offers a unique course this year — Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing. With the help of art teacher Karry Mitschmyer, who demonstrates different techniques, students create rings, pendants, earrings, and more.

A sketchbook practice is utilized to plan and modify work as the class progresses. Functional design is the foundation for this class and students develop their ideas using mixed materials,

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Featured image of article: End-Of-Year Exam Schedule

The last day of classes will be June 20. End-of-year exams are scheduled for the following dates and times:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Block 1 Exams   7:45-9:15

Block 2 Eams   9:45-11:15

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Block 3 Exams   7:45-9:15

Block 4 Eams   9:45-11:15

Buses will leave school at 11:20 am on a modified late bus schedule (see below).

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Featured image of article: Bowman Delivers Memorable Address To Seniors

At the Commencement Exercises on June 17, Social Studies teacher Eric Bowman delivered an Address to Seniors entitled “What Matters?”.

Bowman, who was selected by the graduating students to be their faculty speaker, encouraged students to do away with cynicism and detachment in interpersonal relations and to rediscover their potential for caring: “I think we have learned how not to care,

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Featured image of article: Student Speeches And Election Results

The junior, sophomore, and freshman classes met in three different locations during TASC on June 15 to listen to the speeches of the candidates for class president, class vice president, treasurer, and secretary as well as class representatives to Student Council.

As is now tradition at ConVal, voting took place electronically. Here are the election results:

Class of 2018

  • President: Dominique Wheeler
  • Vice President: Emma Crowley
  • Treasurer: Mya Poluchov
  • Secretary: Aiden Hall
  • Student Council Representatives: Madeline Garland,

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Featured image of article: Art Club Students Raise Money For “Fill The Void”

Art Club students and faculty from ConVal High School participated in the Mug-a-thon in early May to create as many mugs in one evening as they could.

Many mugs were made that day and some were created during class. Adding handles and decorating each mug was a collaborative process.

The finished mugs were sold with coffee or tea at this year’s Broke Art Show during the 10th Thing in the Spring event.

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Featured image of article: German I Students Skype With German School

Conval German I students Skyped with their pen-pals from the Sekundarschule Hundem-Lenne in Lennenstadt, near Cologne, Germany, this morning.

The students enjoyed learning about the German school, teenage life in Germany, and learning languages.

As this was their first attempt to communicate with native speakers in a foreign language, there was a good deal of initial confusion and laughter.

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