ConVal Admin Team

The administrative team meets weekly for the purpose of reporting out concerns and celebrations with each administrator’s department and foe collaborative decision making on school wide issues. During these weekly meetings, the team also establishes meeting agendas for CVLT, faculty, and professional learning community teams. The administrative team stays focused on the schools mission of “relentless pursuit of learning for all students” and helps to establish priorities to assure that the staff has the resources necessary to continue this pursuit of excellence.

Gib WestDean of Facultygwest@conval.edux3050
Steve BartschDean of Studentssbartsch@conval.edux3002
John ReitnauerDirector, Region 14 ATCjreitnauer@conval.edux3010
Kim ChandlerDirector, School Counselingkchandler@conval.edux3201
Leander CormanDirector, Special Educationlcorman@conval.edux4423
Mark SwaseyDirector, Athleticsmswasey@conval.edux4654