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End-Of-Year Exam Schedule

The last day of classes will be June 20. End-of-year exams are scheduled for the following dates and times:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Block 1 Exams   7:45-9:15

Block 2 Eams   9:45-11:15

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Block 3 Exams   7:45-9:15

Block 4 Eams   9:45-11:15

Buses will leave school at 11:20 am on a modified late bus schedule (see below). Students are expected to leave campus at that time. There will be a regular bus run at 2:20pm but late buses will not run on exam days.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Make-up exams will be held by arrangement with individual teachers. Students who have completed their year-end exams by Thursday, June 22, are not expected to be at school on Friday.

Bus Schedule For Exam Days

Bus 1Antrimbrings students home
Bus 2Antrimbrings students home
Bus 6Benningtoncenter of Bennington, along Rte. 47 to Onset Rd
Bus 7Greenfieldalong Rte. 136 to Delay’s Store
Bus 11HancockPrescott Hill, Rte 123, center of town, Rte 137
Bus 12PeterboroughConcord St. downtown, Union St.
Bus 13Temple/SharonOld Street, along Rte. 101, Rte. 45, center or Temple, out West to Rte. 123
Bus 17DublinRte. 101, Carr’s store, Dublin General
Bus 23Francestownalong Rte. 136 from Greenfield church, Center of Francestown, along Rte. 47 to Onset Rd