ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force

The ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force seeks to foster awareness and provide support for those affected by substance abuse and addictaskforcetion.

The Substance Abuse Task force is a diverse group of members representing stakeholders from the high school, middle school, elementary school, physicians, parents, students, police officers, administrators, and MCH.

In the spring of 2015, the Task Force went through a comprehensive and structured strategic planning process. The facilitator, Emily Daniels, spent a great deal of time building trust and a common language within the group, which allowed the team to have candid conversations about a difficult issue.


By the end of the 2015 school year, the Task Force completed a complete analysis of our current practices, policies, and procedures. After a two day retreat in the summer, the Task Force committed to a strategic plan that focuses on three important goals; Public Perception, Education, and Policy.

Public Perception and Awareness

De-stigmatize the issue of substance abuse, raise awareness and change perceptions.

ACTION:  Raising awareness on the issue by identifying nine community outreach events by June 2016.

  • Collaborate with the MCH Task Force to co-sponsor events.
  • Create Facebook page for internal task force in which all members will be administrators and will post.
  • Videotape events and post on Facebook page.
  • Work with the local newspaper.
  • Create a cultural branding message.
  • Prepare resource guide for the school district and parents.


Identify the scope of the problem, current curricula, and options for the 2016-2017 school year. Continue efforts to inform staff and faculty.

ACTION: Prepare a document for parents and staff about TASK Force mission and goals

  • Identify district prevention curriculum at each grade level and school.
  • Collect and interpret local, state and national data about substance abuse.
  • Research prevention education for staff and students and select pilot for 2016-2017 school year.


Review the current policy and outline suggested changes/recommendations to the School Board for approval by the end of the school year 2016.

ACTION: Research neighboring district policies.

  • Identify student and staff focus groups for feedback on current policy.
  • Prepare document with findings for review by Policy Committee.
  • Draft new policy for policy committee.


Emily Daniels Student Assistance Counselor, CVHS
Steve Bartsch Administrator, CVHS
Brian Pickering Administrator, CVHS
Brett Sullivan Chief of Police, Bennington
Bill Leahy Culture Monitor, CVHS
Kim Chandler Director of School Counseling, CVHS
Judy Heddy Health Teacher, CVHS
Lee Ann Clark Monadnock Community Hospital
Tricia Bell Parent
Luc Shippee Practitioner
Greg Kriebel Practitioner
Eric Kostecki School Counselor, CVHS
JoAnn Fletcher School Counselor, CVHS
Kristin Ingram School Counselor, CVHS
Shawn King School Counselor, CVHS
Laura Gourlay School Counselor, GBS
Deb Dionne School Counselor, SMS
Judi Bernardi School Nurse, CVHS
Gretchen Shippee School Nurse, CVHS
Pam Murphy School Nurse, PES
Cathy Forrest School Nurse, SMS
Peter Naitove School Psychologist, CVHS
Kalle Proventure School Psychologist, CVHS
Gerry Scarano School Psychologist, SMS
Kim Fairbank Social Worker, CVHS
Leander Corman Special Ed Administrator, CVHS
Holly Bly Student Assistance Counselor, CVHS
Tierney Thompson Student, CVHS
Leah Felegara Teacher, CVHS
Jen Geaumont Transition Coordinator, CVHS