Parent Communications

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In an effort to streamline the way in which we communicate with you and to provide you with an archive of school-home communications, please find a list of letters to parents and guardians below:

Parents and Guardians: Cell Phones in School, Celebration of Learning

Parents and Guardians: Celebration of Learning, Final Exam Schedule, 2018-19 School Calendar Survey 1/4/2018

Freshman and Sophomore Parents and Guardians: Chromebook Update 12/20/2017

Parents and Guardians: Snow Days, Celebration of Learning, Final Exams 12/12/2017

Parents and Guardians: School Community Conversations, BrightBytes Parents Survey 11/8/2017

Parents and Guardians: End of Quarter 1, School Community Conversations 10/27/2017

Parent and Guardians: Progress Reports, End of Q1, October Manufacturing Month 10/4/2017

Freshman and Sophomore Parents and Guardians: Chromebook, Blended Learning, Chromebook Fee 10/03/2017

Parent and Guardians: On The Passing of Nick Seymour 9/28/2017

Parents and Guardians: ConVal Tackles Hunger, PowerSchool, Homecoming 9/19/2017

Health Office Communication: Head Lice 9/18/2017

Parents and Guardians: Additional Orientation Sessions, ConVal Tackles Hunger 9/18/2017

Freshman and Sophomore Parents and Guardians: Chromebook Orientation Meetings 9/10/2017

Parents and Guardians: Communications, PowerSchool, Chromebooks 9/5/2017

Parents, Guardians, and Students: Welcome and Welcome Back 8/15/2017

Parents and Guardians: Schedules, Athletics, Parking Lot 8/3/2017