A Greeting from the Principal

I want to offer you my personal welcome to ConVal Regional High School. This is a wonderful school where our students, faculty, and staff work together in meeting the learning goals of each student.

As collaborators in this joint effort, we endorse and celebrate the belief, expressed in Carol Dweck’s work on mindset, that to encourage growth, we should not judge but teach. Competency or mastery is not about immediate perfection. It is about learning something over time, confronting a challenge, and making progress (Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success).

We believe that the key contributing components that aid in this endeavor include being respectful, accountable, and engaged. At ConVal, we ensure that these qualities guide our students’ daily interactions — with each other and with adults, both inside and outside the classroom. By encouraging a sense of curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere, we seek to help students develop a strong will to become responsible for their own continued learning and growth.

To all parents and guardians, please feel free to come see us or communicate with us by phone or e-mail. We are always glad to hear from you because we firmly believe that a successful school is built on effective school-parent communication.  We also recognize that, by working together, we are more effective in guiding your student’s educational success.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring our website, especially the “Parents & Students” and “Essential Documents” sections, to get an overview of ConVal Regional High School and learn more about our school.


Gib West
Principal, ConVal Regional High School