Chris Heider Is The 2016 Rotary Teacher of the Year

ConVal Social Studies Teacher Chris Heider is the Recipient of the 2016 Rotary Teacher of the Year Award.

Heider was nominated by his students. He was recognized for the comprehensive depth of his knowledge in this field, for being a rigorous teacher with high expectations, for being caring and compassionate, and for instilling a desire to learn in his students. Fellow teachers praised Heider for being “a role model for all of us” and for continuously pursuing “the craft [of teaching] with passion and a deepening knowledge of content.”  Heider was also recognized as a “teacher who embodies the principles of 21st century learning” (see video below).

The Rotary Teacher of the Year is chosen annually from among the 225 full-time teachers in the ConVal School District. Three finalists from each of the three school levels (elementary, middle, and high school) are selected, and one of those teachers from each school level is recognized as “Outstanding Teacher.” Finally, a single teacher from the finalists is named “Teacher of the Year.”

Congratulations, Mr. Heider!