Innovation At ConVal

Innovation at ConVal Regional High School takes on many forms. From innovative practices and resources that enhance learning and teaching to creating transformed physical and virtual environments, ConVal recognizes the need for a steady pace of innovation in its relentless pursuit of learning for all.

The goal of helping students become ready for their futures involves many stakeholders and is predicated upon just the right configuration of key ingredients:

  • positive leadership that nurtures a school culture of transformative innovation;
  • consistent, learner-centric approaches which focus on personalized educational pathways and recognize students as important co-creators of their futures in education;
  • teacher empowerment to be creative, to look beyond what they currently do well, and to engage learning and teaching with even greater success by putting new ideas into practice;
  • ongoing curriculum review and appropriate adjustment to the challenges that await students when they are ready to embark on a career, serve in the armed forces, or pursue high education;
  • and, most importantly, parental and community support.

The list below reflects some of the innovations over the last several years, some current initiatives, and some future endeavors that mark Conval Regional High School as a place where change is constant and transformation for the better is a broadly shared goal.


School-Wide Rubrics


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