Featured image of article: Over 150 Attendees At The Celebration Of Learning

Over 150 Attendees At The Celebration Of Learning

On Thursday evening, June 8, ConVal High School students shared their excitement about learning with more than 150 members of the public, including parents, SAU administration, and members of the ConVal School Board.

For more than two hours, students gave presentations and explained classroom projects, internships, and extended learning opportunities that involved project-based learning. They demonstrated excellence in subjects as diverse as art, entrepreneurship, CAD engineering, child growth and development, ceramics, film music scoring, and Physics & Calculus. Students curated content on distinct periods in American history and on the era of European exploration. They demonstrated a home-made Tesla coil and a robot designed to clean up nuclear waste. There was an exhibit on sauerkraut production and pickling techniques, complete with taste test samples, and a plant sale organized by students enrolled in the sustainable agriculture program.

Several students gave multiple presentations during the evening and a group of them, who had taken a 5th block class in Women’s Studies, conducted a panel discussion in the library on the question: “What is society’s view of the ideal woman?”

Below is the program of the evening, followed by a series of snapshots from the event.