Featured image of article: 2016 ConVal High School Awards And Scholarships Night

2016 ConVal High School Awards And Scholarships Night


On June 8, ConVal High School celebrated the collective accomplishments of its students during the 2015-16 school year.

More than 70 departmental awards were conferred on seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen, and over $100,000 in scholarships was awarded to graduating seniors.

At the beginning of the evening, Principal Brian Pickering announced Kate Rogers as the Valedictorian for the Class of 2016. Rogers was unable to attend the ceremony. She spent the past year in Belgium on a Rotary Exchange Program and has not yet returned from Europe. Rogers will attend Georgetown University in the fall. The Salutatorian for the Class of 2016 is Sarah Kolk, pictured above receiving her medal. Kolk will attend Dartmouth College in the fall.

44 graduating seniors were recognized as New Hampshire Scholars. New Hampshire Scholars is a community-based program that encourages students to take a more rigorous Core Course of Study in high school. The following seniors qualified for this special designation:

Hunter Anderson, Megan Barrett, Joshua Bartsch, Grace Bowman, Ryan Brewer, Emma Canty-Carrel, Ashley Cheviot, Madeline Ciocci, Beecher Clifton-Waite, Kai Cooper, Joshua Curran, Hannah Fitzgerald, Margaret Forrest, Daniel Frehner, Elijah Gard, Daniel Gates, Meagan Hall, Cameron Henke, Annie Henry, Briana Jones, Daniel Kashulines, Natalie Klint, Sarah Kolk, Ursula Kratzenberg, Kaylin Krslovic, Marissa Lombardi, Adam Lundsted, Jordan Mills, Melanie Morrocco, Emma-Lee Munroe, Christina Newell, Dillon Obuchowski, Lily Pabo, Michael Pennington, Veronika Raczek, Kate Rogers, Ashley Ruston, Nastassja Sekella, Karlee Sell, Isobel Sylvian, Thayer Taft, Michelle Tourgee, Douglas White, and Samantha Worobey.

In addition, eleven graduating seniors were recognized as members of the National Honor Society:

Emma Canty-Carrel, Beecher Clifton-Waite, Kai Cooper, Annie Henry, Briana Jones, Daniel Kashulines, Sarah Kolk, Veronika Raczek, Kate Rogers, Michelle Tourgee, and Alexandra Williams.

Departmental Awards

72 awards, certifications and recognitions were conferred by various departments and outside agencies:

Departmental Awards

  • Art:
    • Samuel Moore, Karlee Sell (Art Achievement Award)
  • ATC:
    • Bow Smith (Building Trades)
    • Ashley Newcomb (Business Management)
    • Dillon Obuchowski (Engineering)
    • Sawyer Cawthern (Graphic Design)
    • Isaac Bacon (Photo/Video 1)
    • Megan Barrett (Software Programming)
    • Chelsea Broderick (Teacher Education)
    • Chase LaBelle (NH Scholastic Arts Gold Award – Woodworking)
    • Christina Newell (Intern of the Year)
    • Jackson Cunnungham, Dillon Obuchowski, Douglas White (Cunningham Solidworks Certification)
  • Athletics:
    • Grace Bowman, Sasha Brock, Sarah Kolk (NHIAA 3-Sport Athlete Award)
    • Briana Jones, Dillon Obuchowski (Athlete of the Year)
    • Joshua Curran, Sarah Kolk (Sportsperson Award)
    • Robert Crowley (Volunteer of the Year)
    • John Byam, Jordan Mills (Cougar Courage Award)
  • Drama:
    • Kaylin Krslovic (Lucy Hurlin Theatre Award)
  • English Most Improved Awards:
    • Zachary Rajaniemi (Freshman)
    • Ian LaBelle (Sophomore)
    • Jennica Demers (Junior)
    • Brandon Carland (Senior)
  • Mathematics:
    • Matthew Smith (Algebra 1)
    • Ryan Beal (Algebra 2)
    • Rachel Hurley (Geometry)
    • Lily Denehy (Pre-Calculus)
    • Natalie Klint (Senior Math)
    • Rebekah Hardwick (TAC Math)
    • Alexandra Williams (Statistics)
    • Sarah Johnson (AP Calculus)
    • Michael Pennington (AP Calculus/Physics)
  • Music:
    • Kaylin Krslovic, Mickey Maguire (Music National Choral Award)
    • Ursula Kratzenberg (Music-National School Orchestra Award)
  • Physical Education:
    • Rachel Cass, Matthew Smith (Freshman)
    • Nicholas Batty (Sophomore)
    • Michael Long, Taryn Wing (Junior)
    • Trevor Greene, Megan Titus (Senior)
  • Science:
    • Isabelle Laskey-Rigrod (Up-and-Coming Award)
    • Nyrya Nixon (Junior)
    • Sawyer Cawthern (Bausch & Lomb Award)
  • Social Studies:
    • Savannah Kersbergen (Freshman)
    • Bailey Kirkpatrick (Sophomore)
    • Michelle Jarest (Junior)
    • Christopher Galea (Senior)
  • World Languages:
    • French:
      • Anna Lyons (French 2)
      • Cecilia Lester (French 3)
      • Asa Tyne (French 4)
      • Maeve Newman (AP French)
      • Kate Rogers (French Senior Award)
      • Société Honoraire de Français: Ashley Cheviot, Beecher Clifton-Waite, Daniel Gates, Annie Henry, Natalie Klint, Sarah Kolk, and Kate Rogers
    • German:
      • Fiona Peterse (German 1)
      • Kyle Shearer, Victoria Sousa (German 2)
      • Bailey Kirkpatrick (German 3)
      • Michelle Tourgee (German 4)
      • Madeline Ciocci (German 5/AP, German Senior Award)
      • Nationale Deutsche Ehrenverbindung Delta Phi Alpha: Madeline Ciocci, Kai Cooper, Daniel Frehner, Thayer Taft, Michelle Tourgee, and Samantha Worobey
    • Spanish:
      • Christopher Clark, Kalbie Grasset (Spanish 1)
      • Jacob Easterling, Matthew Smith (Spanish 2)
      • Caroline Riffle, Adam Zett (Spanish 3)
      • Christina Newell (Spanish 4)
      • Emma Canty-Carrel (Spanish 5/AP)
      • Douglas White (Spanish Senior Award)
      • Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica: Emma Canty-Carrel, Madeline Ciocci, Joshua Curran, Daniel Kashulines, Marissa Lombardi, Christina Newell, and Douglas White


Book Awards

  • Ekaterina Sekella (Dartmouth Book Award)
  • Marlena Sorbello (Harvard Book Award Boston)
  • Michael Zrzavy (Harvard Book Award New Hampshire)
  • Elizabeth O’Rourke (John Sullivan Book Award)
  • Beckett Gourlay (NH Humanities Council Book Award)
  • Michael Pennington (Science Senior Book Award)
  • Michelle Jarest (Smith College Book Award)
  • Sarah Johnson (University of Pennsylvania Book Award)
  • Emma-Rose Mellon (Williams College Book Award)
  • Jessica Fiasconaro (Yale University Book Award)

Other Awards

  • Kara Ammon, Hannah Cheneau (American Institute of Architecture Award)
  • Chelsea Broderick, Megan McClintock (Chamber of Commerce Super ACE Award)
  • Kayla Rose Davie (ConVal Beautification Award)
  • Joshua Curran (DAR Good Citizen Award)
  • Gracyn Mose (DAR Outstanding Student of American History Award)

Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest Winners

  • Joshua Curran
  • Maeve Newman
  • Michael Zrzavy



  • Reilley McCarty (Anonymous Donor Scholarship)
  • Christina Newell (Cheshire Health Foundation Scholarship)
  • Reilley McCarty (Contoocook Valley Board of Realtors)
  • McKenzie Armstrong, Madeline Ciocci, Allison Fife, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, River Marmorstein, Emily Perry, Zoey Rhoads, Maryssa Williams (ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars)
  • Jessica Fiasconaro (ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, John F. Vance Scholarship)
  • Reilley McCarty (ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Kenneth A. Christian Scholarship)
  • Samantha Worobey (ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, New Hampshire Ball Bearing Scholarship)
  • Madeline Harvey (ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Peterborough Garden Club Scholarship)
  • Emily Perry, River Marmorstein (ConVal Students Scholarship),
  • Joshua Curran (Corporal Brandon Garabrant Memorial Scholarship)
  • McKenzie Armstrong, Adam Lundsted, Jordan Mills (CV Basketball Alumni Tournament Award)
  • Joshua Curran (Derek Witherell Memorial Scholarship)
  • Grace Bowman (Dr. Herbert Flewelling Scholarship)
  • Chistina Newell (Dublin Community Foundation Scholarship)
  • John Byam, Kayla Rose Davie (Edward E. French Scholarship)
  • Kaylin Krslovic (Greater Manchester Black Scholarship Foundation)
  • Chelsea Broderick (Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Chester S. Bowles Career Development/Technical Scholarship)
  • Melanie Morocco (Greenfield Woman’s Club Award)
  • Grace Bowman, Madeline Ciocci, Olivia Dechaine, Allison Fife, Kaylin Krslovic, Reilley McCarty, Christina Newell, Douglas White (Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship)
  • Chelsea Broderick, Alexandra Williams (Hancock Guild Scholarship),
  • Melanie Morocco (Ian Richardson Goodwin Scholarship)
  • Alexandra Williams (Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce Arts Scholarship)
  • Joshua Bartsch (Kiwanis Club of Peterborough/Ann Geisel Memorial Scholarship)
  • Madeline Ciocci (Lae Sunapee Bank Citizenship Award)
  • Dillon Obuchowski, Douglas White (Osram Sylvania Scholarhsip)
  • Reilley McCarty, Douglas White (Peter Michael Abbott Scholarship)
  • Samuel Moore (Peter Pelletier Arts Scholarship)
  • Christina Newell, Kate Rogers (Peterborough Rotary Club Scholarship)
  • Christina Newell (Peterborough Women’s Club Scholarship)
  • Joshua Bartsch (Pops Wescott Scholarship)
  • Christina Newell (Red Sox Foundation Scholarship)
  • Beecher Clifton-Waite (Souhegan Lions Club Award)
  • Beecher Clifton-Waite, Sarah Kolk (Sue Kukish Memorial Award)
  • Ivy Battaglia, Ian Cahoon, Noah Cass, Hannah Fitzgerald, Ashley Ruston (Town of Antrim, Jamison Fund Scholarship)