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Promposal Takes Unexpected Turn After Security Alert

Promposals can take unexpected turns. This one involves Isabel Wilder, Nate Gibbons, and Monadnock Community Hospital security officer Lou Chatel.

Here is the report by officer Chatel:

I was alerted to the parking lot for a suspicious young male looking through cars.  Needless to say, this was very concerning to the staff that witnessed this.

Having received the plate number, I got the hospital truck and located the suspect leaning against another car.

I inquired who he was, why he was here, and why was he looking through the cars.

He told me he is a ConVal High School Senior and was looking for his girlfriend’s car because she is doing an internship in the Emergency Department.  She drives a Subaru but unfortunately, so does half of Peterborough.

He showed me the sign that he made to ask her to go to the prom with him and that she was late coming out.  I offered to formally escort him into the building under the appearance that he was a bad guy.  He got in the truck and we headed to the Emergency Department main entrance to surprise her.

We saw her walking out and I stopped and asked her if she had a boyfriend because I had him in custody.  She came to the truck to ID him and that’s when he jumped out with the sign and asked her to the prom.  She said YES.

I told him if she said no I’d go with him and took the attached picture.

It’s nice that Monadnock Community Hospital will be part of these young adults memories.

I hope this brightens your day.

Lou Chatel