Featured image of article: ConVal Seniors Honored As New Hampshire Scholars

ConVal Seniors Honored As New Hampshire Scholars

On Wednesday, 28 seniors out of the total group of 77 accomplished New Hampshire Scholars at ConVal High School took a field trip to the NH Sports Dome in Milford to participate in the Scholars Day festivities.

The following ConVal seniors have qualified for the New Hampshire Scholar distinction: Hazel Armstrong-McEvoy, Madeleine Asbury, Wyatt Beaulieu, Morgan Bemont, Everett Benham, Harrison Bernier, Bryson Boice, Wyatt Burbank, Zachary Cassidy, Allison Chisholm, Tyler Christophers, Sophia Clayton, Lydia Cleveland, Rya Collins, Alicia Connolly, Skyler Cope, Tobias Cornell, Katherine Craig, Monika Craven, Jake Daniels, Rowan Davidson, Brianna Decker, Annabelle DeLisle, Addison Dodge, Ethan Dysart, Kai Flynn, Jackson Gagnon, Alexander Golding, Ryan Gorman, Odin Gray, Sierra Hamlin, Eliza Harris, Sophia Hatmaker, Madison Hatt, Samantha Henderson, Allison Hodgen, Brennan Huxley, Frances Johnson, Liliana Juarez, Hayden Kaltsas, Ethan Kinney, Austin Klonel, Audra Kratzenberg, Noah Lambert, Danielle Luke, Addison Lustenberger, Emily Martins, Daniel McCall, Eva McCullough, Aeva McCullough-Szehi, Elyssa Naylor, Liam O’Mahoney, Alexander Olivo, Natalie Preble, Makenna Proctor, Leigha Psiras, Charles Quintanilha, Chris Robbins, Madigan Rogers, Keegan Ross, Carter Rousseau, Bennett Saxe, Abigail Shumway, Nick Squatrito, Trent Stafford, Rachel Stajduhar, Jada Stevens, Caroline Stultz, Colby Sullivan, Kendall Sullivan, Tyler Sullivan, Avery Swasey, Donovan Sweeney, Oliver Theriault, Dominic Trodella, Inaya Vaidya, and Laramie Wilson.

New Hampshire Scholars are high school students who have pledged to complete the State Scholars Core Course of Study, a specific sequence of academic courses in English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language. The New Hampshire Scholars philosophy is based on the belief that it is better to be successful in an academically challenging course than to get a higher grade in an easier course.

The New Hampshire Scholars Initiative is an effort by area business and school volunteers to motivate all high school students to complete a defined, rigorous academic course of study that prepares them for a smooth transition to higher-level college or university coursework or alternatively, to complete vocational and technical training to become successful in today’s competitive job market.