Featured image of article: Peterborough Town Librarians At ConVal

Peterborough Town Librarians At ConVal

Following up on their September announcement that library privileges have been extended to all Conval High School students with a current Conval ID Card, staff members of the Peterborough Town Library set up a booth outside the cafeteria during lunches to meet with ConVal’s Rachael Bowman (r) and Ashley Jones (l) and with students.

The librarians encouraged students to use Learning Express, an online database with SAT practice tests, math skills improvement, college preparation, and other services that the town library offers. The Peterborough Town Library also provides a foreign language learning App, streaming films, and online magazines.

The Library Board of Trustees voted to extend privileges at their August meeting. “Our goal is to provide open and convenient access for high school students –and to promote usage at all public libraries—as well as support the school,” said Library Director Corinne Chronopoulos.

For more information about the library privileges extended to ConVal students, please contact the Peterborough Town Library (603) 924-8040 or visit PeterboroughTownLibrary.org.