Salzburg Exchange Program A Continuing Success Story

The ConVal-Akademisches Gymnasium exchange between students in the ConVal school district and students from Salzburg, Austria is in its 18th year.  During this time, the two high schools have grown closer. All involved refer to the exchange as their “family away from home.”

For the past two weeks, 21 ConVal students were involved in hosting 16 Austrian students and their two teacher chaperones.  Students not only provided a home and meals, but also helped immerse the exchange students in American culture.

Popular excursions included trips to Portsmouth, the beach, and an ocean boat ride, a visit to Keene State College, a trip to the State House and planetarium, as well as many trips organized by parents, including paintball, a Revolution soccer game, bowling, town tours, shopping, hikes, a sheep and dog show, a baking day, a taco night, a Halloween Fright night and a giant farewell party, among many others.

ConVal students will have the chance to see what it is like to be abroad when they travel to Austria in April of 2017.  One of the most important parts of the exchange is being able to use German outside of the classroom.  As German teacher Cindi Hodgdon said, “We are looking forward to many more great years and partnerships with Salzburg because we know the relationships last beyond well beyond the two weeks.”