Featured image of article: 5K Run To Support Mental Health And Prevent Suicide Raises $5,000

5K Run To Support Mental Health And Prevent Suicide Raises $5,000

On Saturday, April 24, sophomores Callie Boisvert and Abbey Shumway organized a 5k run to raise awareness around mental illness and suicide.

All participants received yellow T-shirts, there was a great raffle thanks to donations from local businesses, and there was a bake sale with delicious treats.

“I am so proud of Callie and Abbey for taking the initiative to plan the Break the Silence 5K for suicide awareness and prevention,” said principal Heather McKillop. “It is imperative that we create a safe space for students to engage in dialogue about mental health. I was fortunate to talk to students and families prior to the run, and was so impressed by all of the efforts many of our students did in advance to make this event such a success.”

Guest speaker Robbie Millward spoke about his own experience with suicide and friends and family who have experienced it as well.

Students made and hung motivational posters to encourage participants along the 3.1-mile running route (see photos below).

“This was a well-executed event and a great opportunity to come together as a community,” said mathematics teacher Sarah Gilpatrick who participated in the event.

Callie Boisvert shared that the donations for suicide awareness and prevention amounted to close to $5,000. “I hope this is the beginning of a long-lasting tradition in our ConVal community as we continue to make effort to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health for years to come,” McKillop said.