Featured image of article: ConVal Administrators Attend NASSP Conference

ConVal Administrators Attend NASSP Conference

Over February break, Brian Pickering, Gib West, and Steve Bartsch attended the 2016 Conference of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). The conference theme was “Ignite: Connect. Innovate. Thrive.” Over 3,000 principals and assistant principals from around the country were in attendance.

The NASSP celebrated its 100th anniversary with a luncheon that featured Rick Wormeli, one of the first Nationally Board Certified teachers in America and a leader in the competency-based education and standards-based grading movements. ConVal High School is currently in a multi-year process to phase in competencies.

Among the many inspirational conference speakers was Robert Putnam, Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University who, in June of 2015, had delivered a guest presentation on education and economic opportunities at ConVal.

The 2016 NASSP conference also included a model school showcase with administrators, teachers, and students from 18 high performing schools that are sustaining student-centered school improvement.

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