Featured image of article: Aho Wins C&A Festival Poster Design Contest

Aho Wins C&A Festival Poster Design Contest

Congratulations to Ingrid Aho whose poster was chosen as the winning design by the Children and the Arts Festival Committee! Aho is finishing up the third and final level in Graphic Design, one of the Applied Technology Center programs at ConVal.

Aho’s instructor Andy Bills commented: “Ingrid has been producing wonderfully creative concepts all year and this design for the festival shows off  a level of competence that is truly impressive. I am very impressed with the sophistication of both the illustration and typography in her design. Ingrid makes my job rewarding.”

The festival poster that Aho designed was one of 33 posters submitted for the annual Children and the Arts poster contest which Andy Bills created as a class project. This community-based project starts with the students meeting with representatives of the festival who come in to meet the students and is conducted as a interview in which the students are assessed for their ability to “ask the right questions” and get all the pertinent information needed to design and produce a poster.

The next step is conceptual, as each student submits pencil drawings that represent concepts for individual designs. Ultimately the students are encouraged to collaborate and exchange both concepts and specific illustrative content that may lead to the winning choice.

These posters are a wonderful medium to show off the students’ creative talent, craftsmanship, technique mastery, as well as technical expertise and will serve as portfolio pieces for each student.