Featured image of article: Stetzer (Class of ’22) Wins Architectural Design Award

Stetzer (Class of ’22) Wins Architectural Design Award

Congratulations to Alec Stetzer (Class of 2022) who recently received the Best Overall Project Award from the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIANH). He had designed and submitted the project as part of a spring class with Karen Fabianski. Stetzer currently studies architecture at the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.

The exact title of the award is “Best Design, Overall Superiority, in all aspects of Design Solution, Model, and Graphic Presentation.” In selecting Alec’s model for this Best Overall Project award, the jury wrote: “It is clear that Alex truly understands every aspect of an architectural project and concept.”

“We appreciate his attention to detail and exploring construction elements at early points in the design, asking himself the question: ‘How is this actually constructed, and what systems should I integrate into the fabric of this structure that could benefit both itself and the surrounding environment?’ Alec also took on the challenge of creating a unique model shape, daring to be different. Alec impressed the jury with his willingness to take a risk while also being articulate in his overall design.”

Founded in 1940, the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIANH) is a not-for-profit professional-service association of nearly 300 architects, allied professionals, and laypeople who are committed to excellence in design and creating a sustainable environment in New Hampshire’s buildings, neighborhoods, towns, and cities.