Featured image of article: Anatomy and Physiology Students Dissect Cow Eyes

Anatomy and Physiology Students Dissect Cow Eyes

Students in the Blue Cohort dissected cow eyes last week as part of their studies of the nervous system in Ms. Young’s Anatomy and Physiology class.

The entire class prepared by first reading about the structure of the eye and constructing paper models of it. After discussing the models as a whole class over Zoom, Gold Cohort and Remote-only students worked on extension questions about vision while in-person students completed the dissection.

The following week, the students’ roles will switch and the Gold cohort students will dissect while the Blue Cohort and Remote-only students work on other learning activities.

Ms. Young used the following Flex Friday as an optional opportunity for Remote only students to come to the Anatomy tent and dissect the eye under her supervision.

The dissection is an important part of the Anatomy curriculum because it allows students to see how the cornea, pupil, iris, lens, retina, optic nerve, and muscles of the eye come together to enable the eye to function.

Ms. Young’s favorite aspect of the dissection is the students’ “ah-ha” moment. Experiencing how an actual eye is put together allows them to make sense of their paper-and-pencil studies to arrive at a deeper understanding.

“I love hearing them say, ‘Ooooohhhh, okay,’ because I know they are getting it. It’s awesome.” Young said.