Featured image of article: Anatomy & Physiology Class Holds Histo Art Show

Anatomy & Physiology Class Holds Histo Art Show

On Friday, Ms. Young’s Anatomy & Physiology class held ConVal’s 23rd Annual Histo Art Show. This tradition was established in the late 1990s by Steve Bartsch and John Reitnauer, two recently retired A&P teachers and ConVal administrators.

The second unit in Anatomy class is Histology, the study of the cells and tissues that make up the human body. Students use microscopes to observe and diagram 22 different tissues found in mammalian organs and they learn to identify each one by sight. Often they will notice that a certain tissue resembles something familiar such as marshmallows or the rings of a tree stump.

Histo Art offers students a chance to express their observations in a creative way. This year, students painted sunsets, rubber-soled shoes, cherry blossoms, planets, weasels, and papayas inspired by their favorite tissues.

Over 75 students, teachers, parents, and administrators attended the show and voted for their favorite piece. The top four vote recipients will be announced in class Monday morning.