Featured image of article: AP English, Drama Classes Examine “Hamlet”

AP English, Drama Classes Examine “Hamlet”

On Monday, December 16, Mr. West’s AP English and Ms. Moore’s Drama classes had the unique opportunity to work with Hugh Macgregor on scenes from Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. By acting out scenes from the play and getting notes on the characters’ motivation, students were able to get a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s writings.

McGregor, who is from Great Britain, taught theatre at St. Paul’s School until earlier this year and now is the Director of the Parker School of Drama in Concord.

MacGregor is a classically-trained actor with almost two decades of experience as an actor, theatre director, and teacher. He holds a Masters in Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare, a course taught by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and is one of just three graduates with Distinction. He has directed almost 80 productions, including national and international tours, and is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

MacGregor’s theatre workshop was conducted as an in-school field trip in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre during TASC and Block 3.