Featured image of article: AP Lang, Philosophy Students Visit Walden Pond

AP Lang, Philosophy Students Visit Walden Pond

On Tuesday, October 25, students from Ms. Cooper’s AP Language & Composition Course, Mr. Fetrow’s Philosophy course, and six Austrian guests traveled south to Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts.

While at the pond, students learned about Henry David Thoreau’s life while residing at Walden Pond and the legacy he left behind for all Transcendentalist enthusiasts. The Education Director from The Walden Woods Project provided guided tours throughout the conservation land.

Students went to the Walden Pond visitor center/bookstore, explored the replica of Thoreau’s cabin, walked to the original cabin site, and several of them decided that it was just warm enough to splash around in the pond.

The day before the field trip, students had painted rocks to leave at the growing memorial adjacent to the original cabin site, so a little bit of ConVal from 2022 will remain in the woods.

Despite the foggy, overcast weather, it was a beautiful day to be outside, enjoying nature.