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AP Language Students Present Their Name-Drop Astonishments

Mrs. Cooper’s AP Language students presented their Name-Drop assignments to their classmates this week.

Inspired by the advice of writer Annie Dillard, “You were made and set here to give voice to this, your own astonishment,” each student explored the works of a particular, famous creative person to determine that artist’s astonishment.

This could be any recurring theme, stylistic technique, or something that fascinated the artist. The artists whom the students investigated and their astonishments included:

  • Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift (vivid storytelling)
  • Film director and producer Steven Spielberg (childhood)
  • Rapper and record producer Kanye West (Christianity)
  • President Barack Obama (speech cadence and stage presence)
  • Ballerina Anna Pavlova (light yet expressive pieces)
  • YouTuber Jake Paul (the importance of being well behaved and having good manners)
  • Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman (justice and unity)
  • Musician Thomas Rhett (the value of family)