Featured image of article: ARC Showcase Inspires Online Lab Manual

ARC Showcase Inspires Online Lab Manual

Want to know more about Bismuth levitation and bi crystals? Are you interested in paper chromatography? How about the properties and synthesis of aluminum potassium sulfate crystals? Did you always want to build a model of a virus and were not sure about its geometry?

ARC_QRIf any of these questions have sparked your curiosity, you are in luck. As a follow-up to the ARC (Art Reacts with Chemistry) showcase on May 25, the students in Dr. Milne’s AP Chemistry classes created a 66-page lab manual as their concluding activity for the course.

The manual was then converted into a flip book which can be viewed online by clicking here; it can also be accessed via the QR code above.

The ARC project emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of science and art as students apply chemistry knowledge to create works of art.  Novelty and creativity in the classroom captured the students’ attention and enhanced their cognitive capacities.