Featured image of article: ATC Students Explore NH Construction Career Days

ATC Students Explore NH Construction Career Days

New Hampshire Construction Career Days (NHCCD) exposes high school students to possible career paths in both the construction and transportation industries through a hands-on exhibits and educational resources.  Labor unions, construction companies, school districts, state agencies, trade and professional organizations collaborate to provide the students with an introduction to various aspects of construction.   

The  event increases career awareness in the construction and transportation industries through hands-on experience with heavy equipment, welding, small tools, plumbing, electrical wiring, surveying, waste water management, bridge construction, land clearing, underground utilities, and other construction related jobs. 

Several secondary educational resources and career training pathways are available for students to learn about.  Professionals from a wide array of construction related work are available to speak with students and answer questions about their experiences in the construction industry and why they are so passionate about their career.