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ATC Woodworking Classes Teach Marketable Skills

The woodworking classes at ConVal’s Region 14 Applied Technology Center teach students marketable skills based on experiential and project-based learning.

On a typical day and depending on the class level, one can observe students working on Shaker-style nightstands, building wooden iPhone speakers, assembling wooden pens that have been made by hand on a lathe, designing cribbage boards, or creating intricate family crests.

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Ewing and Mr. Morris, students learn the full range of skill sets. They start from the basics of proper measuring, cutting wood with hand saws, and gluing pieces together with clamps. More advanced skills include squaring rough-cut boards with the automated jointer and planing tools, all the way to programming and operating the computer numerical control (CNC) router.

Safety is always the primary concern. The ATC teachers ensure not only that equipment guards are installed and work properly, but also that students follow all individual safety precautions. This includes students wearing CSA-certified safety glasses and removing all entanglement hazards, such as loose clothing and jewelry.

Once these preconditions are set, the remaining work is all based on student creativity and workmanship.