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Athletic & Academic Awards Ceremony

The Athletic and Academic Awards ceremony took place in the ConVal Gym on Wednesday, June 8. Director of School Counseling Terri Drogue opened the event by thanking students and parents for coming and making this first post-pandemic, in-person celebration of student achievement truly special for the award recipients.

Heather McKillop announced Thalia Stafford as the Salutatorian of the Class of 2022 and Kendall Larson as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2022.

Athletic Director John Reitnauer honored students for their achievements in sports.

  • Female Athlete of the Year: Emma Carpenter
  • Male Athlete of the Year: Austin Knight
  • Sportsperson Award, female: Mairin Burgess
  • Sportsperson Award, male: Fletcher Maggs
  • CougarCourage Award: Owen Michaels
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Kristin Larson

New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) Three-Sport Athlete recognitions were awarded to: Gareth Armstrong, Allison Bull, Mairin Burgess, Eva Calcutt, Molly Dishong, Corey Guzman, Alexander Heck, Louis LaFleur, Kendall Larson, Elias Niemela, Avery Pope, and Will Thompson.

Scholar-Athlete Certificates were awarded to: Caitlin Beal, Allison Bull, Mairin Burgess, Zachary Burgess, Eva Calcutt, Emma Carpenter, Nicholas DiNino, Molly Dishong, Mackenzie Gauthier, Corey Guzman, Sarah Holdredge, Owen Kotula, Leah Krason, Kendall Larson, Fletcher Maggs, Meara McClusky, Elias Niemela, Ella Phillips, Avery Pope, Thomas Sennett, Priscilla St. Pierre, Will Thompson, Molly Tyle, and Elijah White.

Tom Burgess recognized the following winners of the Annual Edith Bird Bass Essay Writing Contest:

  • Third Prize: Skyler Cope
  • Second Prize: Samantha Henderson
  • First Prize: Natalie Preble

Principal Heather McKillop presented the Applied Technology Center (ATC) Awards.

  • Business Education: Robert (Will) Thompson
  • Computer Programming/Software Development: Addison Evans
  • Engineering/Manufacturing: Aidan King
  • Teacher Education: Molly Munroe, Corey Guzman
  • Woodworking & Manufacturing: Sam Scheinblum, Elias Niemela, Briar Bethel

The Art Department Awards were presented by Mary Goldthwaite-Gagne.

  • 2D & 3D Art Achievement, freshman level: Kaylyn Ross
  • Ceramics Growth, freshman level: Eliza Hackler, Garret Rousseau
  • 3D Growth, sophomore level: Maggie Fry
  • Ceramics Achievement, sophomore level: Laura Phillips
  • Ceramics Growth, sophomore level: Skyler Shawgo
  • 2D Achievement & Growth, junior level: Wubalem Harrison
  • 3D Achievement, junior level: Monica Craven
  • 3D Studio Art Achievement, junior level: Ethan Marony
  • Achievement Book Awards: Chloe Griggs, Riley Momonee, Caitlin Witt

The English and Theatre Department Awards were presented by Elizabeth Moore.

  • English Award, freshman level: Isabel Jobin
  • English Award, sophomore level: Makila Sesito
  • English Award, junior level: William Bishop
  • English Award, senior level: David Deshane
  • Dartmouth Book Award: Natalie Preble
  • Harvard Book Award, Boston: Katherine Craig
  • Smith Book Award: Eva McCullough
  • Williams College Book Award: Doc Cassidy
  • Yale Book Award: Ethan Maroney
  • John Sullivan Book Award: Sydeny Rousseau
  • NH Humanities Theatre Award: Avery Swasey
  • Lucy Hurlin Theatre Award: Daniel Sleeper

The Health & Wellness Awards were presented by Gretchen Lima and Nathan Gagne:

  • Health & Wellness 1: William Simard
  • Health & Wellness 2: Kai Flynn

The Music Department Awards were presented by Brian Moore:

  • Concert Band Award: Dhanesh Airi
  • Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Owen Kotula
  • National Choral Awards: Alyssa Cutting, Haley Serafine, Daniel Sleeper

The Mathematics Department Awards were presented by Sam Winslow.

  • Mathematics Award, freshman level: Amanda Bergeron, Brooke Johnson, Olivia Riley
  • Mathematics Award, sophomore level: Kaitlyn Stone
  • Mathematics Award, junior level: Katherine Craig
  • Mathematics Award, senior level: Cam Jordan

The Rensselaer Medal is awarded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY to high school juniors who have been nominated for the award. Awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of math and science, this award also includes a $120,000 scholarship. The Rensselaer Medal winner for this year at ConVal High School is Christopher Robbins.

The Science Department Awards were presented by Andria Johnson.

  • Science Award, freshman level: Owen Beaulieu, Liam Richardson
  • Science Award, sophomore level: Hannah Biesang, Alejandra Morales
  • Science Award, junior level: Leigha Psiras, Samantha Henderson
  • Science Award, senior level: Kendall Larson
  • Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Eva McCullough
  • Virginia Apgar Book Award: Miriam Turner

The Social Studies Department Awards were presented by Greg Leonard.

  • Social Studies Achievement Award, freshman level: Ellianna Howard
  • Social Studies Achievement Award, sophomore level: Laura Phillips, Owen Palmer
  • Social Studies Achievement Award, junior level: Avery Swasey
  • Social Studies Achievement Award, senior level: Meara McClusky

The World Language Department Awards were presented by Sara Krapohl and Cindi Hodgdon.

  • NHAWLT Award of Excellence: Lydia Cleveland, Natalie Preble
  • World Language Award, German I: Clara Christensen
  • World Language Award, German IV: Sarah Holdredge
  • World Language Award, German AP: Lydia Cleveland
  • German Senior Award: Molly Tyle
  • World Language Award, Spanish I: Morgan Bemont, Amanda Bergeron
  • World Language Award, Spanish II: Ruth Cassidy, Natalie Preble
  • World Language Award, Spanish III: Samantha Henderson, Caleb Norford
  • German Senior Award: Thalia Stafford

On behalf of the National Honor Society (NHS), Sara King and Amy Rushford bestowed graduation stoles on the following: Caitlin Beal, Allison Bull, Eva Calcutt, Emma Carpenter, Anthea Curtis, Abraham Dreher, Madeline Faber, Nick DiNino, Gwyneth Inglis, Owen Kotula, Leah Krason, Kendall Larson, Fletcher Maggs, Meara McClusky, Riley Momenee, Ella Phillips, Samuel Rousseau, Sydney Rousseau, Sam Scheinblum, Thomas Sennett, Thalia Stafford, Natalie Tremblay, Elli Ward, and Elijah White.

For a complete slideshow with all the students and their respective awards, please click on the play button below. The movie is about 8 minutes long.

Students were recognized with the following awards in the days following Athletic and Academic Awards night:

  • George Eastman Young Award: Eliza Harris
  • Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony Award: Abby Shumway
  • Bausch & Lomb Award: Eva McCullough
  • Xerox Award: Keegan Ross
  • Assumption College Book Award: Laramie Wilson
  • St. Micheal’s College Book Award: Austin Klonel and Hazel Armstrong