Featured image of article: Award-Winning Photographs On Display In ATC Atrium, At SAU

Award-Winning Photographs On Display In ATC Atrium, At SAU

Congratulations to the digital photography students who have garnered Scholastic Arts Awards this year. Their pictures were on display in the atrium of the Region 14 Applied Technology Center for the last two weeks and will be on display in the office of the SAU starting in March.

Here are the award recipients by order of recognition received and title:

  • Jennifer Hopkins, Gold Key, “Norwegian Summer”
  • Esther Janis, Gold Key and American Vision Nomination, “Finding Youth”
  • Juliana O’Mahony, Gold Key, “Eye of the Sun”
  • Alicia Connolly, Silver Key (Digital Art), “The Window”
  • Alicia Connolly, Silver Key, “Trapped In Solitude”
  • Kendrick Edwards, Silver Key, “Americana”
  • Kendrick Edwards, Silver Key, “Endless”
  • Nathaniel Gagnon, Silver Key, “It’s Snowing And I Don’t Know How To Feel”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Silver Key, “Crocodile Tears”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Silver Key, “Idyllic”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Silver Key, “Innerdalen”
  • Ethan Marony, Silver Key, “Reflecting Through the Tune”
  • Brooke Adelman, Honorable Mention, “Looking Through a Winter Wonderland”
  • Jacob Carter, Honorable Mention, “Pursuit of the Spotlight”
  • Emma Cronin, Honorable Mention, “Handle With Care”
  • River Cyr-Underwood, Honorable Mention, “Sunset at Hope Creek”
  • Nicole Davison, Honorable Mention, “Locked In Love”
  • Ryan Gorman, Honorable Mention, “Self-Aware”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Honorable Mention, “Fiery Gaze”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Honorable Mention, “Hugin and Munin”
  • Jennifer Hopkins, Honorable Mention, “Mother and Daughter”
  • Esther Janis, Honorable Mention, “How Do You Do?”
  • Skye Lambert, Honorable Mention, “Split Emotions”
  • Ethan Marony, Honorable Mention, “Woven In Strings”
  • Savannah Norby, Honorable Mention, “Enough Is Enough”
  • Zachary Pease, Honorable Mention, “Lost In Time”
  • Eden Pressman, Honorable Mention, “Time Well Spent”