Featured image of article: “Black Fly Story Hour” in the LHT

“Black Fly Story Hour” in the LHT

Anticipation is growing for the second edition of the “Black Fly Story Hour” which will be held in ConVal’s Lucy Hurlin Theatre on Friday, January 8, starting at 7:30pm.

The Black Fly Story Hour is modeled on “The Moth Radio Hour,” a weekly broadcast on NPR. Storytellers at the event will include:

  • current and former ConVal teachers, such as Jason Lambert, Tim Clark, and Liz Halper,
  • members of the community, among them Yankee Publishing president Jamie Trowbridge, Dublin massage therapist Grace Aldrich, and former state representative Ted Leach, as well as
  • current and former ConVal students, including Jessica Fiasconaro, Emma Canty-Carrel, and Megan Jones.

Writer and performer Tricia Rose Burt, whose story “How To Draw A Nekkid Man” was featured on the Moth Radio Hour Main Stage in 2010, will emcee the event.

The Black Fly Story Hour supports the “Fill The Void” project, the planned Visual and Performing Arts Center at ConVal High School which will serve the district and the region. For more on the evening’s program, please see this article in the Monadnock Ledger.