Featured image of article: Carol Young Receives International Fellowship

Carol Young Receives International Fellowship

Congratulations to ConVal science teacher Carol Young who has been selected by the nonprofit organization Ecology Project International (EPI) to participate in an 8-day Teacher Fellowship in Costa Rica in April.

She will be immersed in the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica’s Caribbean slope. Days will be spent collecting data and planning hands-on lessons near Pacuare Reserve, a field research station managed by EPI.

Young will work alongside researchers and instructors on a variety of ongoing ecological studies, such as monitoring leatherback sea turtles and observing the behavior and social structures of primates.

Throughout the program, Young and other Fellows will learn strategies they can bring back to their classrooms to help students observe, question, collect data, and critically analyze the world around them.

Established as a nonprofit organization in 2001, the mission of Ecology Project International (EPI) is to inspire youth with nature and empower them with science, fostering tomorrow’s leaders. EPI envisions a diverse movement building communities that cherish and restore the ecosystems that sustain them.

For more information on EPI’s programs or how teachers can apply for next year’s EPI Teacher Fellowships, visit their website at www.ecologyproject.org/teacher-fellowships.