Student explaining hydroponic display

Celebration Of Learning A Display Of Knowledge, Understanding, And Skills

Over 220 visitors attended the end-of-year Celebration of Learning at ConVal Regional High School on June 7.

There was a wide array of student work on display, from thoughtful, StoryCorps-inspired audio interviews in English classes to exhibits on student entrepreneurship. There were displays about local agriculture and hydroponic gardening.

The Library Learning Commons hosted student art exhibits, while visitors to the band room could watch student film music scoring exemplars. World language demonstrations combined science with foreign language skills as well as geography knowledge and cultural understanding.

Skillful woodworking craftsmanship was on display in front of the cafeteria, and a public forum on climate change was held in a chemistry class. Student internship reports and extended learning opportunity (ELO) presentations demonstrated student learning, both inside and outside the walls of ConVal High School.

The Lucy Hurlin Theatre was the venue for the final presentations for the Mariposa YES competition, with the student team representing the 100 Nights Cold Weather Shelter in Keene taking first place.

There were demonstrations of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) projects. One example of student work, titled “Newpast,” allowed visitors to virtually explore, in 3D, Peterborough as it existed in 1886.

Thank you to all the students and faculty who prepared this diverse celebration of learning at ConVal High School. It was a very impressive evening indeed.