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Celebration Of Learning A Display Of Knowledge, Understanding, And Skills

A large number of visitors, including Schoolboard members and SAU administrators, attended the Celebration of Learning at ConVal Regional High School on January 10. For many, it was a family event with younger brothers and sisters visiting the high school and checking out their older siblings’ work.

There was a wide array of student work on display, from audio files of speeches given in English classes to 3D printing jobs for an art class and an engineering class. Science class demonstrations and real-world research projects (“What temperature differences exist in ConVal classrooms?”) were displayed, as were QR-code triggered audio reflections by students and video demonstrations of proper workout techniques in Health and Wellness classes.

Graphic Communication students showed off their poster artwork in the newly refurbished ATC space while a monitor in the main hallway displayed portrait photographs created by students in the Photo/Video I class. Social studies research on proving the law of supply and demand led visitors seamlessly to project displays in World Languages.

An exhibit of student internship and extended learning opportunity (ELO) reports gave evidence of student learning that takes place both inside and outside the walls of ConVal High School.

In all, there were 46 different stations for visitors to explore during a two-hour period. Thank you to everyone who attended the event!