Featured image of article: Chunky’s Cinema Preshow Film Contest

Chunky’s Cinema Preshow Film Contest

Chunky’s Cinema Pub with locations in Haverhill, Nashua, and Pelham is calling on all local schools to participate in their first annual Preshow Film Contest.

Chunky’s preshow presentation is shown in full HD, is one hour long and plays before the start of every movie in every theater.   Chunky’s is saving extra room this year on their preshow for student videos to potentially be inserted in the presentation.

Chunky’s will be selecting winners each in the following categories for the fall/winter contest:

  • Best PSA to not talk & text during the movie
  • Best PSA to not run in lobby or theaters
  • Best PSA to arrive before the movie starts (late arrivals can be disruptive & since Chunky’s is general admission seating, late arrivals have a low chance of getting seats together)
  • Best Comedy trailer of a non-existent movie
  • Best Drama trailer of a non-existent movie
  • Best Horror trailer of a non-existent movie

All films need to be family-friendly as the material will be played in front of all audiences ranging from G–R rating.  The PSAs have a 60 second time limit.  The trailers have a 180 second time limit.  The clips can contain credits.

The deadline to submit student work is December 1, 2016. For full details, please see the hyperlinked flyer and ask Ms. Bastoni for details.