Featured image of article: Cindi Hodgdon Is NH’s World Language Teacher Of The Year

Cindi Hodgdon Is NH’s World Language Teacher Of The Year

At the 24th Annual Excellence in Education (EDies) Awards on June 10, ConVal’s German teacher Cindi Hodgdon was presented with the World Language Teacher of the Year Award by Lauren Percy, Miss New Hampshire 2017.

The award was given by the New Hampshire Association of World Languages. The Association recognizes truly outstanding language educators, not only for their contribution to the teaching of a foreign language but also for their work to advance their profession. With her proven record of excellence as a classroom teacher and her strong involvement in organizing workshops, German immersion days, and delivering presentations at professional meetings, Cindi Hodgdon was chosen as the most qualified recipient for the award.

In her typically humble manner, Frau Hodgdon kept her acceptance speech short and to the point: “Guten Abend!  I’m honored to be among so many talented teachers tonight.  Thank you NHAWLT for this award.  Multiple people have inspired me to become the teacher I am today.  Thanks to all who have collaborated in this world language journey, especially: my family, my parents, Peter in Nashua, Laura in Concord, and Sara, Robin, Liz and Helfried at Conval.  We truly are a village working to share our passion for languages with our students.  Danke.”

Frau Hodgdon, the many students whom you have taught — those whom you inspired to pick German as an unusual choice of foreign language study; those who achieved Bundestag scholarship and other travel exchanges; and those who continued to study German in college and became Fulbright scholars in Germany —, they all salute you tonight on your grand achievement. Congratulations!