Featured image of article: Community Finds Ways To Celebrate 2020 ConVal Seniors

Community Finds Ways To Celebrate 2020 ConVal Seniors

The ConVal Class of 2020, like seniors across the country, face the prospect of graduating without many of the time-honored traditions associated with commencement. Graduating in the time of pandemic means finding innovative ways to honor grads. With the possibility looming of a very different sort of graduation experience, ConVal High School parents, faculty, and seniors are finding ways to recognize their graduates. Everyone in the CVHS communities is invited to participate in decorating their homes and businesses for a Seniors’ Graduation Celebration Drive Tour.

Families, friends and neighbors across the ConVal district are encouraged to join in the fun by decorating the outside of their homes and businesses the week before Memorial Day Weekend. Graduation signs, balloons, and streamers, Pomp & Circumstance or other inspiring music playing are just some ideas. Be creative! Whether it’s homemade decorations or ordered online, everyone is encouraged to participate in offering well wishes and congratulations to all seniors as their high school careers come to a close and they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

The Drive Tour officially kicks-off Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25. Seniors and their families will be able to tour their towns to witness all the love and support for them in these trying times.

“Let’s rise together as a community and make this happen! Whether there is a graduation or not, this Celebratory Drive Tour will go on. Our Seniors have missed so much,” said organizer Dot Vaidya, a ConVal High School parent.