Featured image of article: ConVal Alumni Voices – Will MacPhee (’15)

ConVal Alumni Voices – Will MacPhee (’15)

Hi ConVal!

To be honest, my time at Harvard has allowed me to become even more grateful for many of the great opportunities ConVal provided.

My first semester classes were roughly composed of 12, 250, 300, and 750 students each.  The professor of the 750-student class, Introduction to Microeconomics, was only present for about seven class periods.  The one with 250, Multivariable Calculus, only had three hours of class time per week, making me realize how great ConVal’s hour and twenty minute blocks were.  Of course, many of my new friends attended elite high schools, at times perfecting 16 or more AP exams or attaining 2400’s on the SAT.  But I definitely felt well prepared coming from ConVal, placing into the average introductory classes and feeling confident once in them.

I’ve found two clear-cut aspects of going to a residential liberal arts college to be my favorites.  Firstly, I’ve learned a lot about politics, culture, and optimism just from conversations outside of the classroom – in my dorm, in my clubs, in my dining hall.  Secondly, I love the ability to explore new academic disciplines.  For instance, on the last day of our course registration period I decided to take a Psychology class to fulfill a general education requirement, and now I’d be surprised if I don’t minor in it.

For all students undecided about whether they want to attend college, I highly recommend it.  It is an experience like none other, through both the thick and the thin.

Will MacPhee