Featured image of article: ConVal ATC Teachers Attend and Present at CTE Summer Learning Series

ConVal ATC Teachers Attend and Present at CTE Summer Learning Series

Region 14 ATC Teachers Sadie Cahoon, Sarah Grossi, Abraham Ewing, and Karen Fabianski attended the New Hampshire Career and Technical Education (CTE) Learning Series that was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Portsmouth, NH, in early August.

There were over 200 educators, presenters, and exhibitors/sponsors in attendance, including Region 14 ATC Director Jennifer Kiley and Conval Principal Heather McKillop. In the spirit of “moving forward together,” the series had breakout sessions, presentations, support for CTE professionals, career cluster PLCs, and problem-of-practice breakouts. 

Sarah Grossi and Abraham Ewing co-presented on the topic of “Differentiation for CTE classrooms.” The session was filled to capacity.

Principal McKillop noted afterward that “Sarah Grossi and Abraham Ewing did a wonderful job presenting on how to differentiate in CTE classrooms.”

“They used their respective content areas and instructional practices to demonstrate ways to differentiate to help meet all students’ needs and to increase student engagement. They brought many student projects to share and did a phenomenal job of showing how different CTE areas could infuse similar projects in various areas.”

“I was very proud of Sarah and Abraham and the passion that shined through for finding ways to help all students find a pathway forward,” McKillop concluded.