Featured image of article: ConVal Cafeteria Delivers Lunch During Block 3

ConVal Cafeteria Delivers Lunch During Block 3

The ConVal cafeteria staff deliver lunch to blue cohort students during Block 3.

Food selections are made by students daily during Block 1, based on a Google form that lists the various options, including a hot meal choice. On the form, students also indicate where their Block 3 class is located.

At the designated time, lunch is delivered to students at their preferred location, whether it is in the classrooms close to the cafeteria or, in this case, the classroom furthest away — the tents on the athletic fields.

This lunch delivery arrangement avoids large groups of students coming together in the cafeteria and allows for the physical distancing guidelines of the ConVal COVID protocols to be maintained.

Teachers, who share their lunch period with students, have remarked that this is also a time where important informal conversations can take place.

A big thank you to all the cafeteria personnel who makes this special delivery service possible at ConVal High School!