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ConVal Equestrian Team Victorious, Again

For the fourth year in a row, ConVal’s Equestrian Team has been named the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Team District 1 Champions.

Team members Grace Catalanotti, Courtney Glines, Carly Kimball, Ursula Kratzenberg, Breanna Lester, Gabrielle Monroe, Maggie Morison, Emma Simila, Mairead Wicklow, Rachyl Parslow, and Trina Parslow garnered a number of Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, and Yellow Ribbon Awards throughout the season.

ConVal’s riders will now compete against twenty other high school teams at the State Championship. The Championship will be held on May 21 in Fremont, New Hampshire. Congratulations to the team and to Ms. Sherry Nixon who has coached the Equestrian Team since its inception four years ago!