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Dual ConVal Events Draw Parent, Student Crowds

The combined 8th Grade Orientation and Celebration of Learning drew large crowds of parents and students to ConVal High School last Tuesday evening.

During 8th Grade Orientation, incoming students had the opportunity to meet their school counselors and explore the school’s many co-curricular programs, from the Math Team to the specialized choral and instrumental ensembles. Community-based programs, like the 1729 Robotics Team and Cornucopia, were also on display.

In addition, the ConVal sports programs provided opportunities for early sign-ups and conversations with coaches. All three season sports were represented: football, soccer, field hockey, bass-fishing, wrestling, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, softball, baseball, lacrosse, cross-country running, and many more.

During the Celebration of Learning portion of the evening, visitors were treated to a variety of exemplars of student learning, such as photo exhibits, woodworking samples, and presentations by the architecture and engineering programs that are offered by the Region 14 Applied Technology Center.

The Social Studies program held the YES competition finals in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre. The finalists were the Phoenix House, presented by Nikki Bell and Tristan Hutchinson; the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter (MATS), presented by Daisy Young and Ava Goohs; End 68, presented by Kenzie Costello, Isabelle Lasky-Rigrod and Jasmin Reed; and Chucky’s Fight, presented by Carly Kimball and AJ Adkins.

The winning charitable organization was Chucky’s Fight which will receive a $3,000 grant through the Mariposa Museum, with the financial support of C&S Wholesale Grocers and Joseph’s Coat & Cultural Cocoon.

Thank you to all who could attend the evening, and we hope to see you again next year!