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Film Festival Showcases Student Films

On May 4, students gathered in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre to see student film productions. “The ConVal Film Festival is an annual event that is put on by Video ll Students,” explained senior Alicia Connolly, the Festival Coordinator. “The students work over the course of the semester to produce films to submit to the New Hampshire High School Film Festival. In honor of the submissions, the Video ll students host a festival to celebrate their work, while also accepting independent submissions from the student body.”

This year, there were a total of 15 submissions to the ConVal Film Festival: “The Story of Aries” by Hadi Lancaric; “Who Am I?” by Joseph Chamberlain; “Born from Ice” by Bennett Saxe; “Dear Mom” by Brooke Aldeman; “Grilled Cheese” by Desean Penny; “Peterborough Fire and Rescue” by Francisco Jaimes; “Mr Rogers Music Video” by Brady Carpentiere; “The Making of The Pirate Queen” by Elijah Lacroix; “Spilt Milk” by Toby Cornell; “Avian Automatons” by Trent Stafford; “You are Enough” by Alicia Connolly; “Pieces of the Past” by Esther Janis; “In My Mind” by Ethan Marony; and “Chasing The Past” by Jennifer Hopkins.