Featured image of article: CTE Program Receives Train-The-Trainer CPR Kit

CTE Program Receives Train-The-Trainer CPR Kit

Each year from June 1-7, National CPR and AED Awareness Week stresses the importance of CPR and AED use. When someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts.

Robyn Birren, Director for School Engagement at the New Hampshire Chapter of the American Heart Association, recently visited ConVal to bring to the Careers in Education Program a train-the-trainer kit to help support “CPR In Schools,” an initiative created by the American Heart Association in partnership with Dartmouth Health. “We hope that you will find this kit useful for years to come with your school and community,” Birren said.

More than 1,600 people suffer from cardiac arrest each day in the U.S. Knowing CPR and how to use an AED could save their life. Or to put it in an even more personal perspective – someone next to you knowing these skills may save yours.