Featured image of article: ConVal High School Students Win Big At Scholastic Art Awards

ConVal High School Students Win Big At Scholastic Art Awards

On Sunday, February 5, 2017, members of the New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association met in the Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy to celebrate the artistic talents of New Hampshire students who had submitted work to be considered for this year’s Scholastic Arts Awards. In all, there were 2,139 submissions from students across the state of New Hampshire.

Of these submissions, 272 individual works received a Gold Key Award and will move on to represent the state at the national level. In addition, 304 Silver Keys and 342 Honorable Mentions were awarded. To represent a student’s body of work, 104 portfolios were submitted, of which 40 received Gold Keys, 19 received Silver Keys, and 26 received Honorable Mention awards.

ConVal High School was extremely well represented by students showing off talents in ceramics, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, woodworking. Winners included recipients of Gold Key Awards (GK), SilverKey Awards (SK), Honorable Mentions (HM) for individual works as well as recipients of Gold Key Portfolio (GKP), Silver Key Portfolio (SKP), and Honorable Mention Portfolio (HMP) awards.

Recognized among Amanda Bastoni’s photo and video students were: Issac Bacon (GK, SK, HMP); Nate Brothers (HM); Mackenzie Burnside (SKP, SK, HM); Chloe Costello (GK, HM); Eliza Fiore (SK); Emma Henderson (GK, HM); Cameron Ibach (HMP, HM); Zabella Ketchersid (HM); Megan Maclaren (GK); Maggie Morison (2 HMs); Sarah Newell (SK), Quinn Potter (2 HMs); Jasmin Reed (GK); Dylan Rochford (HM); Talia Rokes (HM); Julia Roopenian (HM); Amber Ruston (GK, HM); Felix Smith (GK); Morgan Stacy (GK); Andrew Stockwell (SK), Seth Stoddard (HM); Carly Storro (HM); Rowan Tyne (GKP, GK); Ethan Webster (GK), Dominique Wheeler (SK, GK); Alison Worcester (SK);  and Granger Wozmak (HM).

Among the recognized ATC students were also: from Andy Bills’ class, Cameron Ibach who was awarded a Silver Key for his mixed media work; John Plourde (GK) who did great work with woodworking teacher Abe Ewing; art teacher Karrie Mitschmyer’s successful trio Barrett Norton (GK), Carly Storro (HM), and Oliver Ward (GK), as well as Gwen Jones (SK, HM) from Mary Goldthwaite-Gagne’s class. Congratulations, all!