Featured image of article: ConVal Nordic Team Travels To Hanover For 5K

ConVal Nordic Team Travels To Hanover For 5K

The ConVal Nordic team traveled to Hanover for its final divisional race of the season before next week’s state championships.

The 5K course wound through woods and open fields with several challenging hills. The skiers found the course enjoyable but wet soft snow made the going strenuous.

Allison Bull led the Cougar girls across the finish line, coming in 8th overall. She was followed by Eva Calcutt, captain Cami Hendrixson, Abby Hendrixson, Margot Kratzenberg, Gwen Inglis, Eme Tyler-Wall, and Isabel Badrawy.

On the boys’ side, Jaimini Viles came in 13th overall, followed by Rowan Inglis, Philip Pope, and Avery Pope. The team travels to Great Glen on Wednesday, March 4th, for the Division II Championships.