Featured image of article: ConVal Photo Chosen For National Yearbook Campaign

ConVal Photo Chosen For National Yearbook Campaign

When ConVal Yearbook advisor Amanda Bastoni opened a package of promotional materials from yearbook publisher Jostens recently, she was in for a big surprise. “This poster arrived in the ‘back to school’ packet that Jostens sends to high schools across the country,” Bastoni explained. “And, guess what? The photo on the poster was taken by a ConVal grad, of a ConVal grad.”

The photo, entitled “Caught in the Moment,” had been taken in north Peterborough and introduced the senior section of the 2016 ConVal yearbook. “Hannah Henderson, a career and technical education (CTE) program completer, photographed Brad Carter, another CTE program completer, and now that photo is hanging in hallways in every state in the USA. Thousands of high school students are seeing this!” Bastoni noted excitedly.

“What an absolute honor for ConVal Regional High School to have Jostens choose one of their photos out of the thousands of entries it receives each year for our photo competition, the largest yearbook photography competition in the World,” said Corey LaRoche, a representative for Jostens Printing and Publishing. “And, then to have it be featured in our national marketing campaign that is sent to our customers throughout the entire United States is truly outstanding.”

Congratulations to all involved for demonstrating the excellence of ConVal’s photography program to a national audience!