Featured image of article: ConVal-Salzburg Exchange Continues Online

ConVal-Salzburg Exchange Continues Online

The ConVal-Akademisches Gymnasium exchange between students in the ConVal school district and students from Salzburg, Austria, is now in its 22nd year.

During this time, the two high schools have grown closer through biannual exchanges in either Salzburg or Peterborough. Students who participate in the exchange routinely refer to their fellow exchange students and host families as their “family away from home.”

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted this tradition which has proven mutually beneficial for ConVal German learners and for students from Salzburg who are interested in experiencing American culture.

Since travel is not possible at this time, the exchange has moved online. For the last several months, students from both schools have contributed to a joint blog called “Das große Abenteuer 2020” (“The Great Adventure 2020”).

The blog allows them to practice their respective language skills by sharing experiences and interests in the respective target language — German for ConVal students, English for students at the Akademisches Gymnasium in Salzburg.

For details, see the blog here.