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ConVal Senior Awards And Scholarships

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2020!

Your class will determine how we will recover and rebuild our society. Keep our ConVal community in your memory as you embark on a new life of vision, purpose, and hope.

You have been successful and achieved a myriad of accomplishments while at ConVal. These many achievements are reflected in the two video presentations below.

The first presentation is entitled “Senior Awards & Scholarship Night – PART ONE” and features newly awarded scholarships and awards. Winners of these recognitions have not been previously notified and the winners are a “surprise” upon first viewing of the video.

We are grateful to the many community organizations who provide financial support to our students. Through their generous fundraising, our seniors are receiving over $100,000 in local scholarships. We extend a sincere thank you to you all.

The second presentation is entitled “Senior Awards & Scholarship Night – PART TWO” and features previously awarded recognitions. Seniors are featured in alphabetical order with recognitions they have already received listed next to their names.

All scholarship and award winners will be contacted after June 10 with details of their awards. If you have any questions, please email me at kchandler@conval.edu.