Featured image of article: ConVal Singers At 41st All New England Choral Festival

ConVal Singers At 41st All New England Choral Festival

On Thursday, November 1, 2019, eight ConVal singers participate in the 41st annual All New England Choral Festival at Plymouth State University. The festival accepts serious high school singers in grades 10-12.

ConVal singers who participated were: Grace Christensen ’20, Aria Drew ’20, Sean Grady ’20, Patrick LaCroix ’19, Liam McCall ’20, Grace Phillips ’21, Sean Roberts ’19, and Cambria Wozmak ’19.

Our students joined with over 200 singers from 45 schools throughout New England to prepare works for performance in collaboration with PSU choirs and alumni soloists. The theme for this year’s concert was “All of Us” based on the final chorus in Craig Hella Johnson’s oratorio, Considering Matthew Shepard. In addition to “All of Us”, the students performed “The Listening” a new work by Cheryl B. Englehardt based on MLK’s 1963 speech called “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break The Silence,” a piece Sean Caldwell and Paul Ivory called “Soweto: June 1967” about the student uprising in South Africa to protest apartheid, and “Flight Song” by Kim Andre Arnesen.

After the performance, we also met up with some recent ConVal singer alumni — Riley Bemont, Max Kerwin and Bridget Grady  — who are currently attending PSU.