Featured image of article: ConVal Students Achieve At The National German Exam Level 1

ConVal Students Achieve At The National German Exam Level 1

German teachers Liz Concannon and Cindi Hodgdon are proud to announce the results of the National German Exam Level 1. Congratulations and certificates are going out to the following students:

Gold Award – Jennifer Hopkins
Bronze Award – Ally Larson
Achievement Award – Kai Flynn
Achievement Award – Miles Higgins
Achievement Award – Abbey Shumway

The test results are exceptional for several reasons. “The test writers did not adapt the test at all this year to consider the impact of COVID-19 on instruction. It was the normal exam,” Hodgdon noted. “Second, related to the pandemic, circumstances had prevented us from covering the normal German 1 curriculum. But most remarkably, students took part in the exam in a new semester when they did not even have German on their schedule.” Given these circumstances, the positive test outcomes take on a special meaning.

The National German Exam is administered each year to over 20,000 high school students of German. The exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions divided into two parts with 50 questions each. The listening and viewing portion is 40 minutes in length and consists of a series of short audio and video segments. The reading portion is 45 minutes in length and consists of a variety of print texts, including graphs and images. All materials used in the exam come from authentic resources.