Featured image of article: Students Attend NH Construction Career Days

Students Attend NH Construction Career Days

New Hampshire Construction Career Days is a non-profit organization which brings together middle and high school students with representatives of the construction and transportation industries to explore career options through hands-on activities.

This year’s two-day event was marked by an attendance record. More than 1600 students from over 50 schools came to the event which was held at the Hillsborough County Youth Foundation Center in New Boston. 70 exhibitors were on deck to share their experiences in construction and transportation-related fields. The event focused on increasing awareness of careers in heavy equipment operation, welding, plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring, surveying and engineering, land clearing, underground utilities, and other construction-related jobs.

Among the attendees were over 30 students from ConVal High School, including Dan Curran, Seth Richardson, Liam Costello, and Palmer Timmons who are shown in the photographs. The students enjoyed working with the equipment and learning about the career training pathways that are open to them after high school.

Some attendees, like ATC teacher Karen Fabianski, even found time for a selfie with WMUR’s Erin Fehlau. An upcoming episode of WMUR’s Chronicle will be devoted to the 2016 New Hampshire Construction Career Days.